Post #100: Goodbye Coco Busan, Hello Free Bird

Coco Busan started as a little idea in my mind 2.5 years ago in Edmonton, Alberta, when I decided to leave Canada on my own and venture to Korea.

Once I published my first post (and received comments in a matter of minutes), I realized the power of connecting instantly to people through my writing.  In the two years I lived in Korea, this blog has been both an anchor to and expression of my creativity, and a continual link to my friends and family at home and around the world.

Thank you to all of you who read my posts and scrolled through my photos, whether it was once or every time I published.  Your views and comments inspired my to continue writing even during times when my Korea routine and teaching schedule felt stagnant.  The novelty of receiving instant feedback from both friends and strangers has never worn off; I still get excited when a new comment appears after I’ve stayed up way to late (again!) to publish a post.

I am writing this from Delhi, and tomorrow night will board a train to Rajasthan.  I hope you’ll join me at my brand-new blog, Free Bird, where I’ll be sharing words, images and video clips to document my 15-week journey through India, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

Korea: Thank you for two years of writing and photographic inspiration!

With Love,

Coco xo


5 thoughts on “Post #100: Goodbye Coco Busan, Hello Free Bird

  1. Thank-you for taking us all along on your 2 yr. journey through Korea and it’s outer lying islands,
    with the ajuma’s, and no fire’s, and cactus jam, and all the other wonderful things you described to
    us while you were there, and I cannot wait to hear all about India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. It is
    going to be like travelling their myself, as I have always wanted to go to those countries. Much love and be safe and may Buddha bless you! XOXOXOX MOM

  2. Cant belive thats your last Coco Busan post!! soooo excited to read Free Bird and follow you in the coutnries you have been dreaming about!!! Hope they are all more than you could have ever imangined!! Safe travels to you and Joe!!! Love yall!

  3. Was always a pleasure, never a chore. It’s nice to take time away from my life and get involved with yours, even if only for a brief moment.

  4. Coco Busan is the only blog I receive emails from and loved every one of them. Have a wonderful trip, free bird, I’ll be sure to follow along there too. hopefully I’ll get a glimpse of that beautiful face when you’re around these parts this summer.

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