Butterflies + Waterfalls (and India in nine days!)

Coco Busan friends, readers, all my peeps out there…yes, it’s creeping to the end of February and I travelled to the Philippines in December and I’m still posting about it. Yes, I’ve been back in Korea for almost two months, and have been living life here as well.  But I’ve got a thing about chronology.  And following a storyline through to the end.  It may be a minor obsession, but let’s just call me thorough.

In any case, here it is, the last Philippines post, a gallery of images from our final day on Siquijor, which included a minor motorcycle accident, of which the photographic evidence of my wrist wound seems to have disappeared from the files…but never mind.  You’d probably rather stick to perusing butterfly wings and coconut-shell sculptures of birds and water cascading over rocks while Filipino boys dangle off rope swings and palms frame the sky’s blue in a gorgeous window of paradise…right?

ps. Did I mention I leave Korea forever in NINE days?  That I’m flying to Delhi with Joe on March 1st, and embarking on a 15-week journey through India, Indonesia, and Cambodia?  It’s true.  Which means there are approximately three posts only left to be written on Coco Busan.  I hope you’ll follow to the end, the full storyline, which will pivot back to Korea, touch on my two-year experience here, include some parting thoughts, and introduce you to my BRAND-NEW blog documenting our upcoming journey.

See you soon…

xo ~Coco

(Click on an image to view the album in a photo carousel–much better that way. * means photo by Joe.)


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