Loboc, Bohol Island, In Pictures

Waking to 6 a.m. rain and rooster calls, fried eggs for breakfast, fried eggs for dinner, packs of children trailing us on the Barangay dirt road, a marching band that travels from house to house each year for forty days, the sea-green river, wide wooden floor planks of a 15th-century church, cats, a clock tower, bananas and Red Horse beer, a porch rope hammock and again, rain, beading on the leaf-tips, threatening to let go.

This was Loboc.

(Click on a photo to enlarge and view in a carousel…it’s better that way.)

(* means the photo was taken by Joe)


One thought on “Loboc, Bohol Island, In Pictures

  1. WowWowWow!!
    Se parece muchísima al Sur de Colombia en donde yo estoy ahora!
    Muy hermosas las fotos
    Its nice to read and see the rain of your trip. I’m in the Putumayo and it is pouring rain. Sweet sweet life-giving rain!!!

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