Spiders, Cows, and Anapji Pond: Gyeongju by Bike

Yep–one more post on Gyeongju.  It’s not every day I get to ride around on a fall afternoon in the Korean countryside…so I took a lot of pics.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading, everyone!

Hanging to dry

Amanda in the flower field

Joe and the rice farmer

The boys spotted something...

What could it be?

Well, hello there!

Looking at me, looking at them

A gate along the way

Hard at work

Trying to find the least-warped angle...

And ending up with a squished head

Last stop: Anapji Pond...

Reconstructed on former palace grounds of the Silla Dynasty, circa 674 AD


All-day nature, a bike ride with my peeps, and a little Korean history?

Thank you, Gyeongju.  And Joe, Kent, and Amanda.  I needed that!



8 thoughts on “Spiders, Cows, and Anapji Pond: Gyeongju by Bike

  1. Dear Court, Anapji Pond is absolutely stunning at night.
    It just seemed to glow and the water glistened with the starlight
    and building light reflecting in it. Good on ya!

  2. Dear Pic,
    I am thouroughly enthralled with how quickly your photograpical
    skills are developing, loved the spider’s, which one is going to get

  3. Dear Cocobusan,
    I always love your blogs and look forward to them coming, I loved the
    contrast of subject matter in this one, rusty old gate with a lion’s head door knocker, lovely country side with gorgeous flowers. I hope to see more flowers before you leave Korea.

  4. Beautiful – as usual Taitly! I especially love the first shot of the pink towels drying in front of the garlic and the cows and spiders (do you think the small one is the baby of the big one, or do you think the big one is about to eat the little one?!) 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    Missing you, beauty! XOX

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