Rice Paddy Chilli Peppers

Half the fun of renting bikes in Gyeongju

 Is getting lost in the rice paddy fields, crouching low to the peppers drying on the road, their red skins shining.



6 thoughts on “Rice Paddy Chilli Peppers

  1. Those red shiny skin’s indicate a serious burn allllll the wayyyyy down!!! I bet they
    make a great dish of curry. xoxo Is the green acreage growing beside the peppers
    the greenery from which the pepper’s grow? You had mentioned rice paddy field’s
    and I wondered if that is what I was seeing as green, but upon closer inspection, it
    appeared as though the green field’s were for the pepper’s. xoxo Harvest time!

    • Hi mom–the green is the rice paddy fields, the peppers were just drying beside them. Some of the peppers here are spicier than others, not sure how hot these were, but they sure were red! It was a great ride. xo

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