Dadaepo Birthday Sky

When I was a kid my birthday always fell somewhere around the first day of school.  No big deal, though I do remember a few tears in grade one: everybody more stoked about their fancy new pencil cases than the fact I was turning six.

Now I love September.  Before moving to Korea I spent a year in Edmonton, Alberta, and in the fall there I began to run through the river valley in the evenings, when there was still enough light to see the leaves scattered across the path in loose piles, red and yellow and the last bit of summer green hanging on.  Despite the trees shedding their colour, fall feels new.  And hopeful.

This year, I celebrated the birthday on a Busan beach called Dadaepo…

with great friends.

and a crazy sky.

Well hello, 33…

I’m ready for you.



In Busan? Want to know where you can camp with a fire?

Dadaepo Beach is on the west side of the city, and it’s beautiful.  You can find firewood in a treed area beside the beach.

Get there:

From Busan Stn: Bus # 2 or 98 for Dadaepo at the stop in front of the station.

From Nampodong Stn: Take Exit 3, Bus #11. The ride is about an hour and 20 mins from here.

Subway most of the way: Get off at Sinpyeong Stn or Geojeong Stn (Line 1) and transfer onto a bus to Dadaepo, # 2,11, 96, or 98.



12 thoughts on “Dadaepo Birthday Sky

  1. Happy 33rd., and you finally found a beach where you can have a fire!
    Must have made your birthday even more special, and what about that sky line,k
    tremendous skies in Korea. So glad it was special for you.

  2. Great post and Happy Birthday!
    Mine was on Sept 2nd so I know how you feel! Leaves falling, fading summer sentiments, friends off to school and the start of a new chapter. I always have mixed feelings celebrating in a new country, but it looks like you had a solid little spot. Nicely done.


    • Thanks All–Happy Belated to you as well! Yes, I always think of friends at home and birthdays past on the bday when I am away 🙂 Am lucky to have a great crew here, and the sun was on our side. Hope London is treating you well–it sure seems to be!


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