Chuseok Love…

with the kiddies.

For my readers at home: Chuseok is a three-day Korean holiday that traditionally celebrates the autumn harvest. For us waygooks, it means a four-day weekend. (Asa!) For Koreans, it means returning to their hometowns, paying respect to their ancestors, and sharing a feast.  Many also wear traditional clothes called hanbok.

So at school on Friday, we held a Hanbok Fashion Show so the kids could show off their gear…

It was a pretty big deal.

Monica, Louis, and Jeff--I start each morning with them, grateful that coffee was invented.

My little Charley, pretending to be...a bird?

Albert! Class clown is an understatement...

As you can see.

A few of my girls: Elsa, Ruby, Olivia, and Monica

Christina and Dustin...

First love.

Cooper! The wave in his hair is from a recent perm.

James, Cooper, and Albert, waiting to strut their stuff...

The usual suspects...

Ruby. She's so sweet.

Elsa. Sometimes she gets solemn.

Still together!

Almost show time...

Now that's a red carpet.

Happy Chuseok everyone!

xo ~Coco


1 thought on “Chuseok Love…

  1. great blog, thanks for sharing those adorable little people with us! The costumes
    are gorgeous, such fabulous materials and colors. Christina and Dustin look like
    they may be serious !!! Do you teach all of the children in the last frame? It is just
    what a red carpet should look like, innocent!

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