Seoul, Sister.

And off we went. On a slow train. To Seoul.


3 thoughts on “Seoul, Sister.

  1. So! I meant to tell you that the morning I awoke to find your post about your sister’s arrival to Busan, I was in a tent on Galiano at a little family gathering. It so happened that my rarely spotted little sister was in the tent beside me.. and we had just been partying (16-year old style) together for the first time, hours earlier… Dancing the night away under the stars! Funny little coincidence, that, hey Lovebug?
    BTW: Did you get a new Lens?? Loving the photographs! Loving the blog. LOVE U

    • Thanks Stu! That is so cool you got to hang out with your sister, what a coincidence with the timing! I really appreciate your reading and all your comments, it means a lot to me. As for the photos–no new lens (my little digital isn’t an SLR) but I have figured out a few tricks with digital editing which is fun. (And tedious–my perfectionism a its best/worst.) Glad you’re enjoying the pics–will remember that next time I’m up way too late squinting and uploading…:) Love you. xo

  2. gorgeous city that Seoul, and both of you sisters are equally gorgeous, it looked so very
    peaceful beside the temple, and in that healing green color, seems so restful!!!
    I bet you wish you could start the holiday all over again, soon.

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