Somaemuldo View

Sometimes you just want to hop a 7 a.m. boat from Tongyeong, down a bowl of spicy ramen on an island called Somaemuldo, hike up a massive hill, and park your body on a grassy slope all afternoon, watching the rocks shift colour in the sun.


5 thoughts on “Somaemuldo View

  1. Hi! I will be in Busan this coming August ,12th~15th. I’m planning to visit Somaemuldo too and I’d like to ask about the schedule of bus from busan to tongyeong and going back to busan. I hope you can give me some tip on going there. thanks a lot.


    • Hello–my apologies for not replying sooner; I have been out of town and away from email. We just found bus times to Tongyeong online, the trip was around an hour and a half. I have a new post up about Somaemuldo with more info on the island–hope you made it there and enjoyed!


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