Green Water White Sand Bijindo Teaser


As usual, I should be asleep right now, and will be paying for this late-night post in the morning when my kindies are running circles around me because the coffee I’ve downed while applying mascara in the hopes it makes me eyes appear open isn’t boosting me anywhere close to their energy level, but I’ve been grading about 900 essays all night, well actually there’s only 28 students in the uni class I teach on Wednesday nights, but by the time you get to number 19 or so it might as well be 900, a stack that just seems to grow the more you grade it, and I miss my blog kind of terribly, and in just a few more weeks my evenings and weekends will be free again to write, and take photos, and edit photos, and write, and explore the city and the country, and did I mention writing?  And all the other things I love to do when I’m not juggling two jobs.  But for tonight, another glimpse of Bijindo, and the dock that greeted us on the camping trip that somehow already feels like a long time ago. More, more, of everything to come–thanks for reading, everybody!

~Coco xo




2 thoughts on “Green Water White Sand Bijindo Teaser

  1. great blog, Bijindo must be attractive, so many small side
    islands, it keeps you busy sight-seeing. Looking forward
    also to more blogs.

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