Bus Ride Hite, Portside Morning: Busan to Bijindo

Board a bus on a Friday night from Busan to Tongyeong, a little city west on the southeast coast, with a couple cans of Hite and a blue tent left in your apartment last year by a guy called Alex who lived in it before you arrived.  Bring a sleeping bag and a copy of The Korea Herald, bought for 1000 won from the newsstand guy at the Seomyeon subway transfer.  Look out the darkened window as the engine comes on.  Crack the Hite, crack the Herald.  Lean back and smile at Joe.  It’s Friday.  It’s April.  The evenings have started to shake off the cold; spring in Korea is on time.  You’re going camping.

But first, a night and a morning in Tongyeong



where the fish in the port are drying…


and a pelican (that’s a pelican, right?) perches on a bucket of shellfish before flying out toward the shipyard…


and fisherman haul up nets from the Tongyeong Canal


and we board a boat that looks like this one…


to ride on the green waters…


to an island called Bijindo.


More  to come!  Soon, I swear.

(p.s. Photo credit to Joe for all pics in this post.)


7 thoughts on “Bus Ride Hite, Portside Morning: Busan to Bijindo

  1. man..i can TOTALLY picture your face on that train with the hite!! haha cant wait to see more about the camping trip!!

  2. great pic’s Joe, and great description of your visit, I am
    looking forward to more of your blog’s. They are always so

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