Water Rocks and Animal Names

There’s a lot of rock jutting out of the sea around Ulleungdo.

Imaginative locals have named the shapely formations after the creatures and things they resemble: Elephant, Bear, Lion, Turtle, Candlestick.  There’s even a “Noodle” rock stretching up from the ground a quick jaunt inland:  a tall cliff wall lined with long stringy indents that look a little like the salty dried spaghetti snacks served at Thursday Party bars throughout Korea.


Noodle Rock

Some of the rocks truly do echo their namesake; Elephant rock’s trunk may be a touch wide, but you can still see it dipping into the water for a long drink.

Elephant Rock. Bit of a humpback.

Candlestick rock?  Okay, there may not be wax dripping off it, but the shape is there, sort of.

Candlestick Rock

Other similarities were, we thought, a little questionable.  This is the tallest, pointiest, shell-free turtle I’ve ever seen.

"Turtle" Rock

Man vs. Nature (or Joe and the Rock)

We tried to last until sunset here, watching the light drift down behind the turtle, leaning against a rolled-up tarp on a deserted concrete porch we spotted on the shore, but between my soaked-through boots, wet feet, and the cold wind, the bus back to Dodong was calling.

Luckily, the pre-sunset glimpse was sweet enough.


One thought on “Water Rocks and Animal Names

  1. I love geology! It is shaped like that due to weathering. And jutting out due to seismology.

    Oh geology is like porn to me….@@

    haha ok ….leaving

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