Want to Volunteer? Check Out “Korea How” for My New Article…

A student at the Sung Ae Won orphanage on Christmas Day.

I’m stoked to announce that super-informative how-to site for foreigners Korea How  has just published my latest freelance article, Pay it Forward: 6 Ways to Volunteer in Korea.” 

After researching a spectrum of Korea-based volunteer opportunities–from helping North Korean refugees to walking abandoned dogs— I wished I could quit my day job and devote at least part of the 40-hour work week to the huge volunteer efforts carried out in this country every day.  There are plenty of options for anyone with a few spare hours–I hope that through the article, others interested in giving their time will find a cause that inspires them and go for it. 

Check out the article here, and be sure to peruse the other awesome stories on Korea How–it’s by far one of the most insightful online locations for info on how to enhance your Korea experience.


One thought on “Want to Volunteer? Check Out “Korea How” for My New Article…

  1. congratulations on the publication of your Pay if Forward
    article on Korea How volunteering. You would make a great

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