Death of a Laptop and Ulleungdo in Late Winter

Hello everybody!

The busy level here in Busan has cranked up about nine notches in the last couple weeks, hence my lack of Coco posts and pics.  I’ve got a couple new projects on the go, and as my Toshiba died its final death in early January, my current computer time is a juggle of brief breaks at school and late hours in the dungeon-like PC bang below my apartment building, where I prep essay-writing lectures while sitting wedged between teenage Korean gamers playing Starcraft.  At least I think that’s what they’re playing.  I slap the headphones on pretty quickly, click onto CBC Radio 2, and tune into the Classical station, attempting to drown out the sound of gunshots and K-pop blasting from both sides of my cubicle.  It almost works.

Luckily, I’ll be welcoming a new laptop into my life (hello, Mac!) asap.  Then I can go back to writing from the comfort of my bed desk, which will inevitably mean longer and more frequent Coco posts.  Can’t wait.

Until then, I’ll be posting brief notes and photos to keep the flow going.  Hope you continue to stop by and say hello.  I always love to hear from you!

These pics are from a sunset-hour hike Joe and I took on Ulleungdo Island in February. After a three-hour boat ride from Pohang, a steel-factory city on Korea’s East coast, we arrived to a volcanic island covered in snow, which made for a peaceful and beautiful two-day visit.  My boots were soaked about six minutes into this climb to Naesujeon Observatory (and remained soaked for most of the trip),  but the view was worth it.  More Ulleungdo posts to come!



4 thoughts on “Death of a Laptop and Ulleungdo in Late Winter

  1. Stunning pic’s and Ulleungdo Island is beautiful, hope you did
    not get a cold from the wet boots!
    Was great to hear this blog.

  2. Beautiful pics!
    I’m Korean and I’ve never been to Ulleungdo. (Hangs head.) Very impressed you decided to go in winter.
    Looking forward to the rest of the posts.
    Cheers. ^_^

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