People I Meet: Bryan from Richmond, Virginia

When you board a plane in Canada and fly to Korea alone, knowing you probably won’t see your friends for at least a year but likely two, and on the other side you know no one, the prospect of who you might meet becomes pretty important.

Lucky for me, one of these people was Bryan.




Days in Korea: 360

Days left: 2

Has a B.A. in: History

And a Masters of: Science in Sports Leadership

From: An all-male college in Virginia called Hampden-Sydney

While in Busan he ran his first: Half-marathon

And became an expert at: Cooking crazy-good quesadillas for Dianna, Leah, and me

Has been starting every morning with: Six kindergarten students in a class called Harvard

And taming a wild mulleted Korean child called: Hero

Loved hitting balls at: The PNU batting cage

And rocking dance club moves at: Maktum in Haeundae and Foxy in Seomyeon

Korea surprised him with: How convenient the convenient stores are

And made him become more: Independent

But he wishes it had: Oven-baked sandwich shops

His favorite memories of the last year are: Dressing as a Hite beer fairy for Halloween in Kyung Sung

And: Cheering for the U.S. and South Korea in the FIFA World Cup

He traversed the country to: Seoul, The DMZ, Jeju, Jinhae, Boryeong, Gohan, Taebek and Gyeongju

And spent vacations checking out: China and Japan

On April 3, he and Dianna will fly from D.C. to: Dublin

To start a nine-month journey through: Europe, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and S.E. Asia

Back in the U.S., he will get his: Masters in Education

To teach: High school history and coach baseball

I will miss his: Loud bursts of laughter and compassionate spirit

As well as: Our talks about life beneath his massive world map

And I wish him: Adventures through places that make his mind feel sublime





Goodbye my friend–I will miss you.  We will meet again!


One thought on “People I Meet: Bryan from Richmond, Virginia

  1. Thanks Courtney,
    This is awesome and to be honest, Korea would not have been the same without you. You are an amazing person on so many levels and I am lucky to have been your friend for the past year. I will never forget the times we have had here and hope to share in the future. I will truly miss you when I leave Korea. More than you probably know. I wish you the best of luck and happiness in the coming year.

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