Night Lights in Nampo

If you live in Busan, and haven’t yet strolled through Nampodong after dark this season, I suggest hopping on line 1 as soon as possible to check out Christmas–Korea style.

You’ll spot a whole lot of the typical holiday symbols…

though pointsettas with hearts make a fresh holiday combo…

and Korean carolers sing beneath long twinkling icicles and a draping white  halo of lights.

Invite whatever family you have formed in Busan…

and watch out for Santa: he’s tall this year, and dressed in pink.

Merry Christmas everyone! 


This marks Coco Busan post #50–a small milestone but one I’m happy to share with all of you who read, scroll through, comment, and hopefully continue to enjoy, wherever you may be.  Many more to come!

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Night Lights in Nampo

  1. great pictures and wonderful lights, but what’s with the
    pink Santa suit?
    Have a great time on the holidays, I miss you terribly, and
    hope to talk soon.

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