Seoul Teaser, Eloquence Intro


Norebang with Leah and Peter, somewhere around 6 a.m...

Back from 48 hours in Seoul–my second trip to the city, and what a city it is.  The energy!  The crowds!  The art!  The hookah bar in Hongdae!  I saw silhouettes of flamingo wings at the Leesum Museum and danced to the beats of Laidback Luke at a club called Answer.  The weather was hot and the subway transfers long.  On Saturday night my partner in crime Leah and I rendezvoused with new pals Peter, Geoff, Devang, and a couple other after-dark prowlers, who coerced us into a norebang session that STARTED at 4 a.m.  (Trust me, I tried to protest.  Then I gave in and sang.) 

More Seoul deets and pics coming asap

But first: some of you may recall my mention of a Seoul-based magazine called Eloquence I started writing for earlier this summer.  And some of you have asked where you can read the articles.  So, in the three upcoming posts, each story will be featured in full.  I hope you enjoy…and to all of you in Korea, Happy Chuseok!


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