People I Meet: Ashley and Jason from Chicago


Days in Korea: Somewhere close to 365

Days left in Korea: 2

First met Ashley: Through email last December, when she wrote to me from SLP, the private school where I now work

What she said:Most days I love the kids and teaching. . . it’s very clean, lunches are good, and the kids are amazing.”

Tagline on their blog Karma Travels: Love to Help. Love to Travel

In 2009, they volunteered in Peru for: Earthquake relief and children with special needs

And in Costa Rica at: a Wildlife Refuge relocating eggs for Leatherback Sea Turtles

Currently fundraising for: A new well in Butakoola Village, Uganda

Following a volunteer stint in Uganda, they plan to traverse: Kenya, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, and India

Future dream is: Creating their own non-profit organization for social justice

Back home, they can’t wait to: Eat sweet veggie goodness at their favourite Chicago restaurants

With: Their friends and family

And: Hug their dogs

I am moved by: Their energy, ambition, and generosity

And will miss: Their laughter, insight and thoughtfulness

As well as: Ashley’s crazy-good banana bread

And: Our late-night walks along the stream

I wish them: Experiences that continue to inspire their days

And hope: We will see each other again, in another part of the world…

.                                                                       .

Keep in touch my friends! xo


One thought on “People I Meet: Ashley and Jason from Chicago

  1. Ashley and Jason seem to be the type of friends you will
    always be proud of, and will always try to keep in touch with. What crazy good work they are contributing to the
    world, and I am so proud of you for meeting them and being inspired by them.!

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