Coco Shanghai

This is the kind of thing that really gets me stoked.



Especially when it lets me into a country where a band like this awaits.



Canadian Indie rockers Jets Overhead are currently powering through an 11-day, eight-show tour of China, kicking it off with three performances on the Expo 2010 stages.  The band will be blowing out Shanghai with a finale at a club called Yuyintang, where, following an early rise, two taxis, one plane, and a high speed train, I’ll be soaking up the melodies and taking notes for an upcoming feature in Eloquence Magazine.  

All this means I should have been asleep two hours ago.  Back Sunday…updates to come!


One thought on “Coco Shanghai

  1. So excited for you and for Jets Overhead, You are all doing
    so extremely well, I am very proud of all of you, and can’t
    wait to read the Eloquence Magazine.

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