All Kinds of Business Goin’ On


A lot of business goes down on the street here.  Men with little blue trucks set up shop on the sidewalks, unpacking potted cactus plants or bags of puffed rice or piles of plastic slip-on shoes.  Outside my apartment building most evenings, you can find a woman crouching on a stool in her truck, deep-frying squid balls in the light of two paper lanterns than dangle from the roof like beacons.  I’m not sure what anyone pays to rent the sidewalks, or if permits are even required, but the sellers make street-strolling an adventure for the eyes.


I spotted this guy in Jinhae, a town Southwest of Busan.  Or did he spot me?  Not sure what he was selling…I just liked his hat and the pink and black ensemble.

Cotton Candy man on Cherry Blossom row in Gwangan-li.  Could there be a more perfect place to sell cotton candy than underneath this tree?  (Location, location, location.)

Waffles, fresh off the grill.

 Sweet treats.

 This old-school machine spits out rice puffs.  Batter in, rice puff out.

Just in case you feel like a silk worm snack.  The toothpicks help you munch while you stroll.  Funny, I never seem to get a craving.

Nothing like a giant block of ice to keep the drinks cool!

This artist uses what I think is some kind of ink tool to make portaits of people while they sit and pose for him.  Dianna and Bryan bought a picture of a tiger from him to decorate their apartment.  He said it was one of his favourites.

This singer and dancer was selling pure entertainment in Jinhae.  He liked to pull his skirt down and have people in the crowd slap his butt.

Leah went for the late-night squid balls on Saturday.  I opted for peanut butter toast at home.  Yep, you can get the PB here!


4 thoughts on “All Kinds of Business Goin’ On

  1. “I spotted this guy in Jinhae, a town Southwest of Busan. Or did he spot me? Not sure what he was selling…I just liked his hat and the pink and black ensemble.”>

    I am sure that is not a HE but a SHE….

  2. I’d go for the p.b. instead of the squid balls any day of the wk. however, I do admire Leah’s courage. How do the squid balls taste? Donna

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