Taking the Slow Route

Last Wednesday I woke to snow and wind.  Even in winter, Busan rarely sees the white stuff fall–in March it’s unheard of.  Morning  classes were cancelled, so I indulged in a long skype with Melissa and then a slow walk to school, pausing to capture the images I had been rushing past all the other mornings. The camera always makes me stop and see.  Hope you enjoy the visuals as much as I did!

Snow on the train track


Duplicates of this building are everywhere you look in Busan


Girl flock


A license plate is so much more cheerful when it's yellow!



Miju Crane game on the sidewalk--with an old-school joy stick.


Superman prize...not looking so super.


Orange season










School's on the 4th floor...


Some of you have been asking for details on the new job…Notes on Teaching  post coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Taking the Slow Route

  1. the snow on the train track reminded me of my piano with its white and black keys., while the bamboo poles looked
    like each section was the same size, as though it could measure out the building lenths in the background, you have a great eye.

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